Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy

School Rules

Posted: January 24, 2017

  1. All students must BOW when entering and leaving the DOJO (gym). This is to show respect for the place where we build our character and strength. 
  2. Address all instructors and Black Belts by “Sensei” followed by their first names, such as Sensei Bob. Also answer all questions by "Yes Sir" or "Yes Ma'am", to show an appreciation for the knowledge and experience of the Black Belts. Junior students should display the same respect to all parents and adults. 
  3. Always wear a clean GI (uniform) with a school patch while working out in the DOJO. Junior students should not wear their GI outside the DOJO to play in. 
  4. A belt signifies the amount of work and effort put forth by the student in their training, and it should be respected and treated as such. It should never be found on the floor. 
  5. A belt also signifies experience in the Martial Arts. Advanced students are expected to set a good example to new students and to help such students whenever necessary. Adult students are expected to set a good example to junior students. 
  6. There will be no loud talking, playing, eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the DOJO. 
  7. Shoes (That are worn outside) are not allowed in the DOJO. 
  8. Students should ask permission before using any of the school's equipment. 
  9. Students should not touch the mirrors or windows in the school. 
  10. NO SPARRING WILL BE ALLOWED WITHOUT REQUIRED PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT APPROVED BY Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy. , Including Head, Mouth Piece, Hand Pads Foot Pads (Kicks), Shin Guards, and Groin Cup (males only).  See Instructor to order. 
  11. Light contact is allowed in sparring, however, students are expected to use controlled techniques. 
  12. Students must have the instructor's PERMISSION and SUPERVISION during sparring.

Sparring Rules

  1. Protective gear is mandatory and must be worn at all times by all students while sparring. Gear includes (head gear, kicking boots, sparring gloves, mouthpiece, and groin cup (males).
  2. Groin protectors will be worn at all times (males)
  3. All sparring will be light contact.
  4. There will be no contact to the face or groin. Light contact is permitted to the rest of the body and extra light contact is permitted to the headgear.
  5. Students may only spar under supervision of black belts or appointed instructors (brown belt and above)
  6. Students may begin sparring at rdmaa at age 5 under supervision and with permission from parent or guardian.
  7. Students under 18 years must have permission from parent or guardian before they are allowed to spar.
  8. All competition outside the red dragon martial arts academy is the responsibility of the parent or guardian and student.
  9. Students will obey black belt during sparring without question.
  10. All participants must be students of red dragon martial arts in order to participate.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students should arrive for class no more than 10 minutes before class. As well, students should be picked up no more than 10 minutes after any class. This applies to all classes at Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy. The classes are scheduled very close together and transitioning students in and out of the dojo can get somewhat confusing.

We appreciate your cooperation and support.

Waiting Area

The waiting area is setup for the comfort of our viewing guests and their children. We will make every effort to make everyone comfortable. Please be considerate of all spectators and do your part to ensure its neatness and remember…. There is a class going on so try and keep the “Little ones” at quick arms reach for the safety of all.

Parents' Role

Give strong emotional support to your child.

Ask what was learned at class, praise effort (not ability), and watch progress from time to time. It is not necessary that the parent attend every class. The child must learn to concentrate, which is sometimes difficult when the parent is in the room. You and the instructor can make this judgment together. 

If you have questions concerning our classes, please make an appointment to speak with the instructor. 

The instructors have specific goals for all classes and for each child. Because you know your child, you are encouraged to be an active part of the goal-setting process. If you feel that your child has negative or frustrated feelings, please try to identify the reasons and speak to the instructor about them, even if they are not related to the martial arts class. 

Please, Let Us Know

Please inform the instructor of any special characteristics or temporary circumstances that may interfere with your child's learning process.

Discipline Guidelines

Discipline is not punishment it is training!

The dictionary states that discipline is "training that produces moral or mental improvement"... one of martial arts major goals. Training means forming new habits and correcting old habits. A child may see no reason to make an effort to change. At that time, your child may make negative comments about the instructor and the dojo, just as you may also hear regarding the schoolteacher. Avoid joining your child in criticizing the program or the instructor until you have had an opportunity to have a conference with the instructor. The instructor is interested in your child's progress, and that progress is best accomplished when the parents are an active part of the team relationship.