Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy

Belt Ceremonies

Posted: January 24, 2017

Belt Ceremonies (Tests) are held 3 – 4 times a year depending on a variety of factors such as enrollment age, rank etc. At the end of each test a belt ceremony is held and a diploma is given to passing students. All students are encouraged to invite family to observe the test.

Students should show up for a test about 15 minutes early and check in with the instructor. The “Test Notification” must be handed in with the test fee in order to be accepted into the test. Students will not be allowed into a test once it has begun.

A test is the most important milestone in a students training. It is one event in which a student shows his/her “Respect” & “Discipline” gained from their training thus far. It is for this reason that tests are not rescheduled. Any student who can’t make a test will automatically be invited to the next one. As a rule, Test notifications will be given out approximately 2 weeks prior to each test so students have time to arrange their schedule. Also, tests are usually held on a monthly basis. 

Students should bring bottled water to the test. Please, no cans of soda. Soda can cause cramps during tests. Tests range from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on age and rank. Please feel free to ask the instructor of an approximate duration of your test.

As always, our parents are welcomed to stay and observe.

Testing for a new belt

The instructors are interested in the "whole child," and will support you in encouraging your child's academic effort as well. Most parents find that martial arts training bring significant academic improvement by developing better skills in memory, concentration, and following directions as well as improved conduct.

During a test in which the student is going for his next rank, A FULL Traditional Uniform (Gi) must be worn with the “Red Dragon” school patch sewn over the heart. In addition, ALL required protective gear must be worn.

Belt Progression

The beginner who is pure, open in mind, and knows nothing.

The gold, which must be dug from the ground. Indicates one who must work, and dig to achieve.

Represents the sun. As the student rises like the sun, he/she begins to achieve.

Suggests the struggles, bruises, and strains one must endure to achieve the goal.

Represents the sea. As much water as there is, there is hard work in setting high goals.

Represents the green of the trees. To indicate that the karateka, like the tree, is growing, and wants to grow to great height.

Like nature in Autumn. The Karateka by now has matured, and aged in his knowledge of the art

A combination of all the colors of the universe. Representing that the wearer has learned much.